Interested in a breast procedure?

River Oaks Plastic Surgery Center offers many services from breast augmentation to breast reduction. It is important that you choose a highly qualified, double-board certified plastic surgeon to help complete the look you want, with the peace of mind knowing you are receiving the best care possible. Dr. Carlton Perry performs numerous breast procedures every year and will work with you to create the best plan of care to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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Breast augmentation surgery is an increasingly popular procedure to increase the size, shape, and fullness of breasts. A breast augmentation may be performed to get an enhanced breast shape, or to correct a reduction in breast volume. Dr. Perry will always outline a top-notch plan of care  to ensure that you get the results you desire!


If you are experiencing pain or discomfort from large or heavy breasts, breast reduction surgery may be your answer. Breast reduction surgery aims to reduce the size of breasts by a considerable amount to relieve pressure that may cause aches in the neck, back, or shoulders. Dr. Perry's goal for this procedure is to reduce and reshape the breasts to ultimately reduce or eliminate the pain or discomfort caused by the breasts and ideally give women breasts that are proportional with their body.


A breast lift, commonly known as a mastopexy, is a procedure used to reposition the breasts after the tissue or fat has lengthened over time. A breast lift is needed when the appearance of breasts have a sagging  or dropping shape. Dr. Perry accomplishes a more youthful and natural appearance with a breast lift to achieve a look that fits your needs.


Breast reconstruction surgery may be needed for a variety of reasons. It may be necessary after a procedure that involved the breasts or even after a previous botched breast procedure. Dr. Perry's experience in state-of-the-art plastic surgery techniques allows you to regain the confidence you deserve while achieving the results that you want.

All surgical procedures need an in-office consultation. At your consultation, all your questions and additional information regarding your ideal surgery will be addressed. 
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